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Microsoft's pricing adjustment is approaching in October 2018

The software giant Microsoft has announced a series of changes on the prices schemes that will take effect on October 1, 2018

In the announcement, they report that the motivation for this adjustment is to improve the customer experience and bring an unique offers that contribute to the digital transformation of the organizations. The announced changes will affect a number of local and cloud products, highlighting the price increases in the Office 2019 and Windows 10 Enterprise.
The price increase to take effect soon includes:
A single and consistent initial price in all programs aligned to webdirect for online services (OLS). Removal of the volume discount program and delivery of a price sheet for the recently designed customer that best describes how a customer's new price was formed.
Along with programmatic price changes, the commercial prices of Office 2019 will increase by 10% compared to current prices. Windows 10 Enterprise E3 offers will be renamed: E3 will now refer to the per u…

SAM Fundamental Challenges

The software assets management is an activity that every day becomes more complex, there are more and more products and manufacturers, as well as types of license agreements with many small letters in their conditions.

This reality, added to the fact that every day companies are larger and the cost of licenses is a fundamental part of the IT budget, makes it essential to take measures backed by the best industry practices such as adopting SAM. Some organizations have tried to do a manual control of their software assets, helping in some discovery tool, then they get that there is no tool that can discover all types of software and versions in use. For that reason when being with diverse manufacturers and diverse types of licenses they are surpassed by the complexity of the matter It requires experience, methodology and tools to ensure a successful SAM implementation. Another challenge is to build an administrative record that condenses and endorses all licenses in use in the inventory. Ga…

The Service Test that Maximizes Your Software Investment

The companies software profitability decreases in relation to the increase in software investment. This is primarily attributed to the fact that more than 90% of those companies have a messy on software deployment and licensing. 
How is it possible? The lack of resources and the high complexity of licensing requires that 7 out of 9 IT Managers have to speculate about their if own deployment and software licensing are properly optimized and thus, give up the savings opportunities that an optimization can generate. Many do not realize that the company owns unused software, that buy software in excess, and  incur in a high cost trying to control and ineffectively manage the software. Likewise, they do not perceive that  the company is exposed to a software audit that commits them to unbudgeted bills.

Through the optimization and effective software management,Licensing Assurance has helped many companies in several Latin American countries to maximize their investment.
Now Licensing Assuranc…

Software Uncontrol

When the employees of an organization can download and install software uncontrollably, it is clear that there is no proper management of software assets and security risks are present. For example, incur audits. An assumption that is possible occur is as follows: There is a risk to the organization if the license terms for external provisioning software are not observed correctly. This exposure may arise from direct application agencies (eg, police or customs), industry associations (eg, Business Software Alliance (BSA) or the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST)) or It can be initiated by dissatisfied employees' whistleblowers (potentially for a reward of around 10K); by the supplier's knowledge (for example, the dealer who can not get a contract knowing the competitor's prices does not can include licenses), according to the software manufacturer analyzes the purchase of customers, or "accident" (for example, a police raid through an entire construction com…

Why are software manufacturers constantly auditing me?

Many IT Managers have the serious error of being sure that their Management in the Technology Infrastructure of their organizations is in good condition. Even acting trusting in that they do not measure the possible consequences of not applying safe methodologies, which can originate, that the manufacturer audits it. However, the only reason why you are in audit is because the manufacturer has not reached your sales quota.

During the audits, those who carry out the audits already have a number established as "goal" to audit and in this way, they structure the faults during the review. Many times they extrapolate, do not accept information, or simply ignore it.
Audits are often very complex and the best way to protect the assets of your company and even your own employment is to have a consultant who looks after your rights.

Global technology expenditure for 2018

According to recent Gartner research, global technology spending will reach US $ 3.7 billion in 2018, which would represent an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year. The global expense in technology will reach US $ 3.7 billion in 2018, which would represent an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year, according to a Gartner research. Organizations are expected to increase spending on enterprise application software by 2018, and a larger share of the budget will be transferred to software as a service (SAM as a Service).
What is SAM as a Service?
Define SAM as a Service, it is:
• Make informed decisions about software acquisition, maintenance renewal and provision. • Identification and elimination of unused or infrequently used software and services. • Consolidate licenses and subscriptions, or migrate to new licensing models. • Manage compliance with the rights of use. • Governance of security and associated compliance risks.